Friday, 23 December 2011

She walks over to a table at the back of the room and sits down in an exhausted movement and beckons me to join her. So I do.
“The last time I ever went in that machine I was a researcher at Kloude. I would go in once a day and record all my experiences and when I became a frequent user I was able to control my actual body whilst living someone elses past experiences. This meant the entire scene could be recorded first hand and was the most effective way to analyse when and where I was visiting with a whole team of experts watching the pre-incarnation and piecing together all the information I could get out.”
 She takes a deep breath and brushes some greying wiry hair from her face.
“I was the best at verbal activity whilst connected but after I while I stopped visiting random scenes and kept returning to just one. Like a bad dream, over and over again. Somewhere dark, cold, alone. Nothing to describe. I was put on leave after six months and given this old machine and was told to contact them If I had any new ones. That was over twenty years ago. I spent two straight years in and out of the machine only returning to the same preincarnation. I stopped going in, the vision haunted me. Haunts me.”

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